Our Mission

Over the 19 years I have had so many downfalls, but always aim to bounce back higher than before.

It took me 10 years to recover from the recession, pay off huge debts, I have struggled a lot, but in that time I did develop myself as an extreme athlete, to become the first Portuguese woman to summit Everest, trek to north and south pole etc gain multiple world records etc But then the UAE in 2016 enforced strict new rules and laws for charity, so instead I pushed myself more as athlete and a paid speaker, selling my books.

Then COVID came, and destroyed any hope of that business for a long time. But still I pushed myself more as an athlete, gaining more world records and achievements. And business gradually started to come back after a couple of years, so that I could pay the bills and keep the kids in school.

Still I continue but it gets harder and harder, with permanent knee damage from climbing and suffering from pre-menopause (something rarely talked about but is really tough for women to deal with). I have occasional good months, with some paid speaking or book sales, but the many many bad months are tough to deal with, I mean really, really tough.

All I wanted to do, was prevent these children especially the girls, from having the same cruel, poverty stricken life their mothers had – I honestly never expected it to completely consume my life.

This summer I will climb K2, this will be a ‘bounce back’ higher than any other before.

I will be successful if the weather is good, of course that is out of my control but I’m really hoping that a successful campaign to sell 8611 books will be just as beneficial – it could potentially be what is needed to finally complete my project as a happy ever after story.

I hope our books will be an inspiration to everyone that reads it because my story and the kids their mothers stories , could be anyone’s story who is embarking on the journey to make their own dreams come true.

After reading these books it will give you inspiration to keep showing up daily on your dreams and dig deep and give all you’ve got.

So, really, thank you again for all your work and efforts and for believing in me.


Help me to climb 8611 Meters by buying the books in quantity 8611

Target: 8.611 Copies
Books Sold: 3