“My story is not an ordinary one and it is far from complete – may the challenges I took on and the tears and struggles I encountered along the way encourage you to make the world a better place and reach beyond your own limits”
– maria

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Maria, a former emirates cabin crew turned an endurance athlete, excellent keynote and motivational speaker.

She is a winner of numerous awards and has been recognized as the epitome of perseverance and determination many times.

Maria offers her audience practical advice on what it takes to turn dreams into reality, how to stop your mind from playing tricks on you, how to overcome fear and how to get things done.

Her extraordinary experience of going from an air hostess while all odds were against her is one to Inspire, motivate and give her audience a nudge to make a change.

She is also available for tailor-made talks, as a panelist, jury member, keynote speaker or motivational speaker. Please get in touch for any questions and to get a quote for your speaking event.

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