we have developed a csr program to offer training, internships, or job opportunities to people from poorer backgrounds or who have faced adversity, mainly from developing countries.

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We have partnered with companies, with great success, such as Chanel, Hapag Lloyd and several more, to place interns or trainees in to their businesses.

These are generally students who have great potential and who we have been supporting for some time. We have a particular focus on young women who may struggle with inequality issues or injustice without our support.

We will mentor them to ensure they get the best possible start, Dubai and the UAE has great opportunities, but they are not necessarily easy to access if you come from a poor background. This can mean a lot of great potential is going to waste unless action is taken.

With our support, these students can receive a successful career boost, ultimately providing stable income for families and even alleviating poverty for whole communities.

The benefit for participating companies, besides being part of a great initiative to keep their team’s active and engaged – is the potential to find some loyal long terms employees with great prospects. Additionally, of course, they will have a CSR project, which they can call their own, and which has real impact.

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